Travel by Air to Andreas private airfield

It is also possible to fly in a private plane, by private pilots licence, to the Andreas airfield.

Since the late 1940s the Andreas airfield has been privately owned by the Morey family.

Around the TT motorcycling times, may and September, people fly in by light plane.

You can arrange to land at this airfield by forward arrangement, because they must make statement to the Police, so contact Catriona Morey on 07624 473 397.

More information

Once landed you walk to Andreas village centre then catch

the 20 bus through Smeale, Bride, Dogmills on to Ramsey (clockwise route)

or 20A through Regaby on to Ramsey (anti-clockwise route)

then Bus 3 or 3A from Ramsey to Laxey along the East coast.

(3 and 3A have a slightly different route near Douglas but you get off at Laxey well before then!)

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