Your car and caravan, UK & EU equivalent MOT and laws

Drive cars on the LEFT.

Isle of Man has equivalent laws to UK & EU for Road Worthiness test "MOT" and similar laws.

Check your car has passed its MOT test, paid road tax and fully insured before you drive over.

If not the IOM Police can likely take it to the IOM testing station!

If you can arrange your number plate with the Euro compatible all the better.

Or make sure you have an oval sticker on the back with country letter.

Insurance: Many UK insurance certificates include IOM, Jersey and Guernsey as standard.

However it's worth a double check on your car insurance documents before travel.

I recommend to carry your passport and EU driving licence with you.

Permanent cars on the island undergo a Manx MOT for road worthiness.

Permanent cars on the island all have a Manx Registration document.

Permanent cars on the island have their own Manx Registration Plate numbering system.

In effect they do everything we do in the UK while working to their equivalent laws.

If you bring your GB/UK/EU car over on the ferry make sure it has valid MOT, valid insurance and valid number plates.

If you do not have the latest EU compatible registration plates with gold stars, blue background and GB, B, S etc. then make sure you have a big oval sticker on the back with your country letters.

Your route would be

Disembark ferry at Douglas, follow promenade road in Douglas then Drive A2 to Laxey.