Evening meal, Barbecue, close behind the event hall

I am pleased to report the building works on The Institute has unexpectedly resulted in a possible barbecue site.

At the rear there is a large metal farm gate which opens onto the ravine land.

Around 1.75 metres depth is available.

If the gate is fully opened up we can set up a safe area, using posts and red/white boundary tape, to set up a double barbecue.

This means it is safe away from the building.

There is a standing area for us on the block paving area nominally designated as disabled parking.

We can put out traffic cones along the block paving border, to road, for that evening.

One barbecue can be meat/poultry/fish and the other vegetarian.

No stealing vegetarian food from that barbecue by meat eaters allowed! (as I heard happened at Talybont-on-Usk)