Data and Voice SIM cards, where to buy

During survey in May 2014 we established that there are two telecom companies on the IOM.

Manx Telecom

Retail shop: Manx Telecom, Strand Street, Douglas (Opening Hours)

We bought a SIM for £5. Stated 100MB data, 200 voice minutes/texts to all IOM mobiles, duration 15 days.




Retail shops:

Mobile Broadband

Julian R's smart phone, normally Orange/EE in England, picked up the Sure network.

Sure also operates in Jersey and Guernsey.

They seem to have a different PAYG where you pay daily.

Others tested in May 2014.

Vodafone 2G Voice PAYG in Nokia 6310i came up as Pronto network okay.

AAISP voice SIM did not register on David B's Nokia – believed AAISP Voice no reciprocal agreement at that time.

Why consider using Manx and Sure?

For UK person Vodafone I was quoted on-line £8 for 100Mb for 24 hours on a PAYG SIM. Looks poor value.

Vodafone considers Isle of Man to be in "Europe" so charges high reciprocal rate.

May 2014. At Cronk Aash rented cottage Laxey, using Zoom 4506 router and unlocked E160 Hauwei (= K3656 Vodafone): Attempt to get login screen for Vodafone PAYG SIM data failed in Laxey even though I could see the transmitter mast!

May 2014. At Cronk Aash we tested Manx SIM in unlocked 2G Nokia 6310 Voice mobile phone in Laxey okay.

Does 3G data work in the Laxey Camp site?

Yes. 18th May 2015. Mobile tests were done using £5 Manx SIM full size, unlocked USB Modem K3575 Huawei, Zoom 4506 router with internal battery with CAT5 cable direct to HP8710w laptop.

Does Tesco supermarket at Lake Road in Douglas sell any SIM cards?

No. I checked on 11th May 2015. Only phone charger and phone cover accessories.

Your best action is to buy SIM cards in the two main shops on Strand Street.