Money, equivalent to UK, but IOM Pound notes and IOM coins

Manx Money

Isle of Man takes UK GB pounds Sterling notes widely.

Money cash can be acquired from ATMs at the airport and many banks in Douglas and Ramsey.

There is also a cash machine on the Co-operative food store in Laxey.

As you spend your GBP you will likely be given change in Manx pound notes and Manx metal coins which have equivalent value to GBP. Notably the Manx have had a £1 note which has a plastic covering.

During May 2014 when Julian R. used The Co-operative ATM in Laxey it gave him Manx pound notes.

There appear to be no additional charges for use of UK debit and credit cards.

Leaving the island

Manx currency items are very unlikely to be accepted as legal tender when you return back into England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.

So as you finish your Isle of Man visit you should consider doing the following:-

  1. Spending up all your Manx currency on the island on your last day.
  2. Exchanging your last Manx currency at a bank on the island on your last day.
  3. Approach your LBW organisers to take the Manx currency off you for swap to GBP.

(The organisers will later swap it all at a bank before final departure …. or buy beer….).