Welcome walk, around Laxey

4 miles.

We start at the back door of The Institute in Laxey.

We walk down Church hill, under the Manx Electric railway, then into Glen Road

We pass on the left the Laxey Woollen mills shop and Craft Tea Weaver cafe

We see the Football club on the left.

We divert to take the raising walk way up so everyone can see where the camp site is on Quarry Road.

We walk back down that walk way to the football club then follow the road down the river.

We pass the launderette and Mona Lisa restaraunt on our left and the pub Ship Inn on our right.

We continue over the river right then shortly turn left along Shore Road, passing the Craigmoor Tea Rooms on our right, to the harbour and beach.

We see where the Beach Cafe is then return back along Shore Road .

We turn right into the road of Minorca Hill walking up to the A2 Ramsey Road.

We cross the A2 road into the B11 of Ballaragh Road for about 50 metres.

We turn left into Gretch Voar heading along a one-car road upwards to Croitrecloughbane.

At Croitrecloughbane we turn left and walk to Agneash.

We should see a good view of Lady Isabella water wheel.

At Agneash village we take a stop at the village green.

We then follow the one-car width road back down to the Laxey Wheel Lady isabella entrance and the Corn Mill with small water wheel and Salmon Centre with a salmon lake.

We then follow the river path down back to around Laxey's Diner.

Cross the road, and electric railway track, to the Washing Floors and Lady Evelyn water wheel where the miniature steam railway starts.

We then go back to the A2 New Road to find the pub The Mines Tavern, passing the Co-Op food store, passing The Post office, pasing The Chemist, pub The Bridge inn, along the shops of New Road to the pub Queens hotel.

Then retrace our walk on the A2 New Road back to the Post Office, then turn right down Church Hill to the rear entrance of the event hall of The Institute.