Upper Room is large height with stage and lighting gantry

This is an original room with stage.

Looking at the stage close up.

There is a motorised projection screen just behind the back stage lights. This rolls down operated by switches in the window to the right. The hall already has a Hitachi CPA300N projector with high-density 15 D-sub VGA connections to a 1024 × 768 resolution. Fine for our Linux talks and a movie night.

Main Room Stage

Moving further back we see more of the room with stage.

Main Room stage longer shot

Looking back the other way we see the other room side towards A2 main road.

Main Room other longer shot

It has a large lighting gantry over the main area.

It has a new small lighting gantry over the stage.

There is a CAT5 to Wireless Access Point in the corner near the stage.

LBW organisers will likely upgrade the hall with four MikroTik Access Points bolted onto the large lighting gantry.

Main Room Wifi Mounting