Laxey Bridge collapse December 2015

There were terrential rains on the island in December 2015.

A rain torrent poured down the Laxey River weakening the Laxey Old Town (two hundred year old) bridge.

When a Ellan Vannin passenger bus drove over the bridge it collapsed and the bus crashed into the river.

Fortunately no one injured. Many news reports.






In our LBW April 2016 survey we observed a temporary footbridge, made of many scaffold poles,

was erected over the river about 25 metres inland from the original bridge position.

Thus we can walk reaching the Shore Hotel, La Mona Lisa, Harbour beach cafe.

They had started building concrete foundations for a replacement bridge.

BBC Isle of Man reports said a temporary road bridge in May 2016 was in use along with the temporary footbridge.

How does this bridge affect LBW drivers?

The Old Laxey Town bridge would be a short cut through from bottom of Old Laxey Hill (south side) to bottom of Minorca Hill (north side) if you are driving to the Camp Site or the Harbour Chalets. The bridge may not be fully rebuilt for heavy traffic by LBW times.

Plan ahead to expect not be able to take a driving short cut through east of Laxey to reach the camp site.

Instead follow A2 main road through the village,

from south side from Douglas to north side towards Ramsey.

Before end of village sign turn right down Minorca Hill,

under Manx Electric Railways bridge,

then turn right into Quarry Road for the camp site.

Download this guide map to find the Laxey Old Town bridge

looking at item 8.