LBW Internet, we plan again 2GHz and 5GHz access points

Prompting 5GHz channels

Following the hardware equipment success at Talybont-On-Usk and Wiltz we will again be providing both 2GHz and 5GHz WiFi in the event hall. There are no lighting pelmets or exposed beams to attach to.

The Access Points will be bolted to the lighting gantry in the Main (upper) room to achieve the same unobstructed clear path coverage in the event hall. David C. ascended a ladder to lighting gantry on 17th May 2015 and did a test bolt on of his Access Point brackets.

2GHz will be on channels 1, 6 and 11 with SSIDs of LBW2gig

5GHz will be on channels 36, 40, 44, 52, with SSIDs of LBW5gig

based on the success of these agreed SSIDs during LBW2015 Wiltz.

The WPA2 password will be advised when you are in the event hall.

We again plan a comprehensive Internet system

The Main room will have 2 × 2GHz and 2 × 5GHz WiFi Access Points on the lighting gantry. Channels 1, 11, 36, 44.

The Small Meeting room will have 1 × 2GHz and 1 × 5GHz WiFi Access Points to also serve the rear outside. Channels 6 and 52.

The Bar Counter area will have 1 × 2GHz Access Point and 1 × 5GHz Wifi Access Points adjacent to the double table area. Channels 6 and 40.

RJ45 cables can be deployed in Main Room and Small Meeting Room. Please ask.

We will again utilize the DaveL Talybont-on-Usk Gateway IPv6 PC to import IPv6 into the event hall. We confirm its IPv6 Firewall is fixed with IP6TABLES installed in January 2015 by David B. during which he consumed many cups of strong coffee! This Gateway IPv6 PC is our teams most effective solution for providing IPv4 and IPv6 in Laxey for eight days and not getting stuck into ISP contracts.


We will also have IPv6 only ports available for you to test devices to check they are or are not okay on IPv6!

Power sockets

We will have many power sockets covering European-Schuko with two earth strips, European 2 Small pin and UK types.

If any one is still stuck we also have two blocks of French/Belgian 4 sockets.


It is better to get off crowded 2GHz channels when possible and use relatively empty 5GHz channels. Several people in Talybont-on-Usk started using the 5.180GHz Access Point "LBW5014", when I advised them of its existance, connecting their Imac PCs and Iphone 5S. Some HP 6910 and 8710 laptops with Debian 6 backports or Debian 7 will do 5GHz.