Vegetarians food sources

We appreciate some LBW people have a vegetarian lifestyle. There are no specific vegetarian food outlets in Laxey. I don't recall seeing any in Douglas or Ramsey.

Some menus acquired in Laxey, like Corn Mill and Chinese takeaway, do have some vegetarian dishes.

If you are in doubt about your food choice I suggest you buy in your ingredients in advance.

In Laxey there is only the Co-Op, New Road, Laxey, IM4 7BB. Used okay May 2014.

Just before Laxey is Fairy Cottage Shop, Laxey, IM4 7HR.

I did not see this when I drove.

There is a lot more choice in Douglas, which is likely your arrival point, so here is an alphabetical general list of some super markets collated from IOM telephone directory and various leaflets collected on surveys.


Onchan, North-East suburb of Douglas